Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does a lip filler treatment last?
A: Most patients maintain the results from a lip filler treatment for a minimum of twelve months. Some patients retain the plumpness and results for up to eighteen months before requiring another treatment.
Q: What is the best age to receive Botox® Cosmetic treatments?
A: Patients who are between the age of twenty-five (25) and sixty-five (65) years will see the best results. Individuals over the age of sixty-five years may have static lines that will not be visibly improved by muscle relaxing with Botox® injections.
Q: Can Cupping therapies help with chronic back pain?

A: Cupping has been used therapeutically for thousands of years. During your cupping therapy, the clinician will place suction points at your upper or lower back areas. Typically 3-5 cups on your first session are placed. And cupping can create a similar effect to deep tissue massage, which can help relieve muscle tension and inflammation.

Q: Can fillers help remove cheek, jowl, and chin lines?
A: Bloom MedSpa offers Juvederm Voluma XC, which targets lines on the cheek and chin. The results are transformational and similar in appearance to a surgical facelift procedure. Visual improvement lasts for up to two years for most patients.
Q: How is Neuromuscular Massage different from deep tissue massage therapy?
A: Developed in Europe in the early 1930s, Neuromuscular Massage can help patients treat various problems. In addition to helping relieve back pain, Neuromuscular Massage therapy can help address symptoms of sciatica, hip and knee pain, TMJ disorders, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, calf and leg cramps, chronic headaches, and more.
Q: Can vitamin injections help patients recovering from Covid-19?
A: Recent clinical studies suggest that patients who experience severe Covid-19 symptoms (requiring medical care or hospitalization) are commonly deficient in Vitamin D and B12. Infusions by injection of essential vitamins and minerals can be more effective than oral supplements, as inputs pass directly into the cells, bypassing the digestive tract. It can help strengthen the immune system and promote resistance to reinfection and recovery from long-haul Covid-19 symptoms.
Q: How long does it take for your body to benefit after an IV vitamin infusion?
A: Depending on your age, weight, and health condition, patients will absorb the concentrated vitamins (and benefits) within four days to two weeks on average. Patients with vitamin deficiencies will test at higher levels of the vitamin for about three weeks. And treatment plans can be scheduled for return visits every 3-4 weeks to help maintain optimal vitamin levels.
Q: Do fillers or Botox® cause swelling or bruising?
A: Some swelling can be expected when you receive any injectable therapy. Patients may also experience mild bruising. Patients receive an aftercare plan with instructions to reduce swelling and bruising typically resolves in 5-7 days.
Q: Is acupuncture painful the first time you try it?
A: The needles used for acupuncture at Bloom Medspa in Tampa are very thin, and most patients feel little to no pain or discomfort during the therapeutic session. Most patients report feeling very relaxed after an acupuncture session at Bloom MedSpa. The points of insertion may feel mild soreness lasting 1-2 days for patients with sensitive skin.
Q: Do you provide financing for patients or payment plans?
A: At Bloom MedSpa, payment is required after you have received your therapeutic or aesthetic treatment.

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